It’s a mistake to buy window treatments just by price!

Recently, I went “incognito” to a big chain selling discount window treatments asking for blinds. While the sales person was equipped to handle many departments, he had been trained in blinds as we sat in front of a computer screen and he asked questions in recommended order about my preferences. Not surprising to me, as he had less than 6 years of experience.

While I found their prices lower than ours (not much by the way) at Curtain Call, I walked away thinking… that as a consumer, I’ll be tossed from salesperson to measurer to installer. I wasn’t asked about my needs, rooms or the style of my home, it was very impersonal. I missed out on getting alternative ideas and products for my home that may be more appropriate.

And so, if you care about quality, know how and design like we do, contact us at Curtain Call Window Treatments LLC, where you’ll get 25 years of experience, in home consultation, long lasting quality, innovative ideas, great service, great prices and advice based upon your needs and unique environment!         Kallie